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S.P.A.C.E is proud to be the home of HVC’s  flagship program, the H.I.C.C.U.P.    H.I.C.C.U.P. stands for Hawaii Island Community Circus Unity Project and is our most innovative and highly successful ongoing educational program. Since 1984, the award winning “Hiccups”  have been a regular feature at many favorite Big Island Festivals and Parades, and have performed at hundreds of events and schools across the Hawaiian island chain.
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Past HICCUP Circus Education Programs

  • Healthy Hawaii Initiative Pahoa Program From 1998-1999, HICCUP Circus presented the Healthy Hawaii Initiative Pahoa Program; 60 innovative weekly after-school programs, with the goal of promoting the healthy development of children and the community using fun activities to increase physical fitness.
  • “Naturally High” Drug & Tobacco Prevention Program From 1995-2001, Hiccup Children’s Circus presented “Naturally High”; a dynamic theatrical presentation that used circus arts to send a message of “tobacco use education” and “positive alternatives to smoking” in 149 schools across the Big Island, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Kauai and the Bay Area of California. Over 48,000 students attended the show and it received considerable PR via newspaper, magazine, and television. Evaluations from more than 800 teachers and counselors indicated that the project made a valuable contribution to prevent youth and young adults from beginning to use tobacco.
  • Lifecycle Recycling Information Program Following the great success of ‘Naturally High’, ‘Lifecycle’, presented during 1998, was an environmental assembly show encouraging involvement in volunteer community projects like litter cleanup, recycling and eco-fundraising.
  • Juggling for Success Initiative Juggling For Success is an innovative self-esteem program that has existed for 30 years in 12 states on the mainland. Over 3,000 students in Hawaii have participated thanks to the Hiccup Circus program.
  • Malama i Ke Kai with it’s grand pageantry and beautiful costuming was generously funded in part by a National Endowment for the Arts grant and was about caring for our oceans and beautiful sea creatures. This story featured unicycle dolphins, stiltwalking jellyfish and a lifesize baby whale puppet just to describe a slice. 2004-05
  • Malama Ka Aina was a moving story about our love for our earth and how we are stewards of the land.  2006
    Our upcoming circus play is only just beginning to unfold within the theme of “Elements”  Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  “Elements” will be the theme of our Circus Summer Camp this year as well.

“Junkyard Jugglers” (the four boys pictured below: Kanoa Lindewe, Jake Lucero-Gomez, Hunter Way, and Beck O’Hara) travelled to the International Juggling Association (IJA) Festival held at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana from July 28th to Aug 3rd 2014.