Seaview Performing Arts Center

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SPACE: Seaview Performing Arts Center

Seaview Performing Arts Center is an artistic eco village focused on creatively promoting sustainable development & community living. We are located at Bellyacres in Puna Makai on the Big Island of Hawaii, USA. This colorful community arts center is managed by Hawaii’s Volcano Circus a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.

We offer regular Performance arts classes for children and adults.

What’s on?

SPACE currently hosts a wide range of innovative, creative and inspiring community culture and arts events and a thriving weekly Farmer’s Market.

check out our Calendar of Events

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Want to get involved? Come to an event? Become a member? Volunteer on our artistic eco village. Learn about local sustainable community in Hawaii? Check out ways to participate and you can contact us for more info.



For more information on how to donate and support SPACE contact us. Alternatively you can donate via Paypal here:


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